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Charity emergency funders

Details and links to emergency funding for charities.

Grants, loans and other funding for social enterprises

A list of funding we've heard of that may be able to help social enterprises and other social sector organisations throughout the Covid-19 pandemic – either those directly tackling its effects, or those working in unrelated fields but needing temporary support to continue delivering their services.

How and why we changed our Tech for Good initiative in 2020

A 2019 review of the Tech for Good fund revealed that organisations needed early stage support, through ring-fenced time and funding. Dalia Abu Yassien and Penny Yewers from Comic Relief explain more.

How to get more donations through your website

Our collaborator ten4design have written a great resource about online fundraising and we think you will find it really useful.

What is a Tech for Good Project?

It can be unclear what a Tech for Good project actually is. Because not only charities run them. Public and private sectors do too. With last week's launch of the Tech for Good fund's new Explore programme we try to define it in a charity context.
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