Reports from our work supporting the UK non-profit sector build its digital capabilities between 2019-23. Our tech justice report illustrates some of the challenges our new vision and mission will focus on.

Our Catalyst network - what we do


Web3 Futures

Explore the potential of the emerging tech trend of web3 (both the technologies and culture) for the nonprofit sector, through an immersive peer learning cohort of 5 charities.

The potential of Web3 to transform the charity sector

Web3 Futures: The Nonprofit Potential

Tech Justice Report

Learn about the key questions that need answering, the main issues facing the most marginalised communities with regards to tech (how does it enable and disable in its uses and design); and the role the next version of Catalyst might play in supporting a more just digital landscape in the UK.

Sector Research

The sector research is a ‘state of digital in the social sector’ report, which everyone contributing to Catalyst can use as a foundation for shared understanding of the ‘why’ of Catalyst.

Charity Digital Skills Report (2022)

Covid-19 has forced charities to adapt by offering online services, growing digital fundraising and working remotely. But what resources and support do charities need going forward?

Charity Digital Skills Report (2023)

The Charity Digital Skills Report is the annual barometer of digital skills, attitudes and support needs across the sector. This year, we redeveloped the survey extensively to capture a snapshot of the sector at this pivotal moment of change and to discover where it needs help with digital to maximise its impact.

Charity Digital Journeys

This report will help you understand the journey that charities go on as they build their digital capabilities. It looks at the steps charities took, the barriers they encountered, and the ways they found to make the path less painful.

Data About The Sector

Data Collective Sector data

While data is often acquired in many guises and formats, it can be confusing how to collate complex data and know what to do with it. Find out how to use data more effectively in the voluntary sector.


Governance Research

Discover examples of models of governance currently being experimented with by ecology peers and governance innovators in a UK and international context.

Autumn Roundtables Report

The key learnings and takeaways from Autumn 2022 series of roundtable convenings across areas focused on vision, mission & operationalising values; sharing learnings and impact; governance.

Catalyst's Impact

Annual Impact Report

In this story-led report you will learn about the real impact of Catalyst on the ground, and particular insights and learnings about what collectively shaping digital for a flourishing social sector actually means.

Impact Interviews

Watch 10 video interviews featuring people who are directly involved in Catalyst activities. They share their honest reflections and individual stories of impact.

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