The Report

Check out the infographic below and/or download the full version of the Annual Impact Report in PDF or in slide deck format

Annual Impact Report

An update on progress across Catalyst. Thanks to our evaluation partners, inFocus, and all partners who contributed data and insight.

Catalyst has over 30 activities, including initiatives, research projects and working groups, and we engage with 90 core partners to deliver these activities.

Key Areas of Focus

Improving our networked delivery (the fruits)

Developing our working groups (the roots)

Strengthening the core and future of catalyst (the trunk)

purple tree illustration with 3 large branches with a man standing by it with a woman in a wheelchair and some fruit on the ground
red round fruit illustration

Digital Tools Test Drive

red round fruit illustration

Design Hops

red round fruit illustration

Coffee Connections

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Digital Trustees

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Catalyst Resources

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Digital Candle

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& Training


More participatory, network-led design and governance

Increased impact from connecting people

Open IP and Infrastructure tools helping to identify potential sources of reuse and gathering

Catalyst resources increasing their audience reach

Our Lessons

Our collective governance experiment with sociocratic circles is showing promise in sharing learning, getting support, and building relationships.

Users access multiple initiatives across Catalyst, cross referrals are common place and the newsletter helps reflect the network back to itself

Collaboration and connection at our core: 15 of 19 initiatives are collaborating in some form

12 of 19 initiatives are 100% funded by Catalyst. Options for more joint-funding is being explored


Support and Training Circle

Increases in skills and knowledge
(e.g. user research and using
specific tools) are well evidenced for thousands of attendees

The value of 'lighter touch' support like Digital Candle 1hr support calls and 18 new resources published in the last 6 months

Matchmaking between peers, experts and trustees shows clear potential, but is harder to measure

Initiatives have focused on accessibility improvements and topics determined by the network

Reuse Circle

Value of reuse Open IP having proven financial benefits for a charity example

5 open working programmes have been attended by 132 participants (26 on average)

Collaborative Network Circle

Funding and research has been allocated to make spaces more inclusive for people from marginal backgrounds

25 Representatives from charities, digital agencies and evaluators took part in Tech for Good’s interviews and in-person workshop

What’s next for Catalyst

Sharing emerging
Catalyst model

Presenting V2 of
Catalyst future

Grow and diversify
Catalyst network

Working with initiative leads
to co-design responses