1. Want to meet like minded people working in or for charities?

If you’re interested in digital in the charity sector then join the ‘Digital Charities’ forum created by our partners. It is a group of around 1,400 people working in and for not-for-profit organisations, mostly in the UK.

This friendly forum is based on Slack (an instant messaging communication platform) and is free to join. There are a variety of conversations happening on different topics, from people asking for advice about the best tool to use, wanting to meet others working on a similar problem or just reading about the latest trends. It’s a great space if you have any questions or just want to learn more.

    Join the Digital Charities Slack

    2. Get a buzz from data?

    Join a community for people using data in the social sector. The Data Collective is a community of individuals who work in the UK social sector, and use or want to use data. The purpose of the community is to help charities and other civil society organisations to access and analyse data better, in order to increase their impact.

    The community exists to foster connections between people who may be facing similar data challenges, to share good practice, and to help organisations to share their data with other organisations, should they want to paint a fuller picture.

    Join the Data Collective Slack group

    3. Digital agency or freelancer doing socially impactful work?

    Meet other organisations and consultants who specialise in digital, data and design and are keen to connect and collaborate. This community is based on Slack and is a safe space for digital partners to talk and work together, share/find briefs and tenders and connect with other networks.

    The community is managed by a members' working group and is always open to new people and ideas. Find out more at the new website.

    Join the Agencies for Good Slack group

    Funders Slack group

    A place for Funders to ask questions,  share good practice, and learn together.

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    Join the Funders Slack group (TBC)

    4. Not sure where you fit?

    Not sure what to join and want to have more of an overview of everything going on? Our partner Third sector lab have created a list of different communities to join on different communication platforms. Check it out to see the different opportunities available.

    Look at all the different groups available

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