The Report

Check out the infographic below and/or  download the full version of Autumn Roundtable Report


We convened a series of roundtables in Autumn 2022, which sought to gather insights from are presentative cross-section of the Catalyst ecosystem. The series was produced by Siana Bangura and facilitated by Ellie Osborne (with support from Guppi Bola).

Roundtables objectives:

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To convene and engage with different stakeholders.

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To share and explore Catalyst's evolving vision & mission.

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To dive into key questions Catalyst are asking around governance, values, and impact sharing.

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To explore what roles Catalyst and the Catalyst producers might play for each type of stakeholder.

Themes Explored

A graphic of a man with white hair and beard holding a pot with a carrot inside looking at a blonde woman holding a pot with a plant inside

Values & operationalising them as living things...

pink icon of a hand holding a heart

Embrace values: Make values central to organisational culture and decision-making.

pink icon of 3 people with a star above the central person

Lead by example: Model best practices, share case studies, and create resources to help others operationalise values and navigate change.

Graphic of a tree planted in a pot

Knowledge flow across a network, storytelling &
sharing impact...

purple icon of a target with an arrow in the centre

Share impact: Highlight the positive impact through lived experiences and user-led content.

purple icon of a bee with honeycomb

Collaborate for change: Foster collaboration, cross-pollination, and learning across the ecosystem.

purple icon of a megaphone

Amplify voices: Spotlight marginalised voices and provide a platform for those lacking representation.

“Clear pathways to support people (end users) by collaborating across organisations.

“Enabling collaborative, fluid joined up ways of working.”
A graphic of a a man with black hair handing a heart shaped plant to a woman with brown hair

Transformational governance & models of collective working...

purple icon of a lightbulb

Transform governance: Explore new governance structures and processes for transformative change.

purple icon of bank notes

Rethink funding models:
Experiment with new funding frameworks and explore the balance between grassroots organisations and larger containers for transformational change.

purple icon of a chemistry flask with liquid inside

Amplify voices: Spotlight marginalised voices and provide a platform for those lacking representation.

“Envisaging a time where justice and equity is already happening.”

Shaking things up - suggesting things can be done in a different way.”

Creating space for difference; co-designing from the start so it's embedded in the DNA.”
Technology would be would serve humanity's benefit.
a graphic of a man kneeling down and dropping seeds into a small hole that has been dug while a woman standing up looks closer at a seed

Visioning the future...

purple icon of a mountain with a flag on top of the mountain

Support pioneers: Join and support pioneers in shaping the future and experimenting with new models

purple icon of a crystal ball

Foster resilience: Build resilience and digital capabilities in charities and digital agencies.

Catalyst and Catalyst producers' roles in the future

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Convenors weaving coherence between these different groups/organisations/
humans (not 'at the heart' as we sometimes say but between, alongside and among our other stakeholders).

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Catalyst =

The big container for its constituent parts to dream more ambitiously together.

A graphic of a spade standing up in a mound of soil.
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