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This workshop will show you a quick and effective way to redesign your service for digital access. It is:

  • Interactive: you will receive exercises to carry out during the workshop. You can pause while you carry these out before moving on to the next one.
  • Experiential: you will use real life examples from your services so that by the end you have an improved process and a plan to test a prototype.
  • Self-serve: go at your own pace.

Including doing the exercises the course should take you about 10 hours spread over however many days you decide (most folk take 5-10 working days).

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Design Hops are facilitated across the country by a team of paid CREW - a mix of digitally-confident charities, tech/design freelancers and local social sector partners.

We're currently experimenting with different online facilitation and support formats, and always looking for new people to join our CREW. If you're interested in being trained up, please contact Ab.

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