Join us for a free 5-week online programme that will teach you innovative techniques from the digital world to enhance your work and problem-solving abilities.

What are Design Hops?

A Design Hop will help you develop a better understanding of the challenges faced by your service users, volunteers or colleagues, and learn how to create simple solutions to address them.

This course covers some of the fundamentals used in User Centred Design – if you’ve heard of this and always wondered what it means, this is your chance to learn more about it.

Bring along a challenge that you wish to address in your role, and we will guide you through the fundamental skills and processes you'll need to come up with a solution. This could be an internal- or an external-facing challenge.

Here are some examples:

  • My colleagues don’t know when the next fundraising events are taking place so aren’t able to signpost volunteers or service users to sign up
  • My service users frequently miss their appointments
  • Volunteers don’t know how to submit their travel expenses
  • Service users aren’t engaging with a particular programme or channel


The skills you'll learn on the Design Hop are transferable to both digital and non-digital projects or challenges, making this course ideal for anyone who would like to improve their problem-solving abilities.

You'll gain:

  • Increased confidence with digital problem-solving processes - regardless if you are working on digital or non-digital projects or challenges
  • Improved understanding of the challenges faced by young people, volunteers or your colleagues
  • A small solution or action plan to take away
  • Resources and next steps to continue learning about this topic

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn new skills that will benefit you, your organisation and most importantly, your service users.


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Who can participate?

Staff and core volunteers from UK nonprofits of all sizes who are curious to learn about the potential of digital.

Ideally we’re looking for decision-makers who will be able to put the methods learnt directly into practice and are in a position to further develop ideas, for example by allocating internal resource or making grant-funding applications. You should have a good understanding of your charity’s existing services and the challenges in providing the

Unfortunately this course is not suitable for organisations whose primary beneficiaries are based outside the UK.

How does it work?

Here’s what we cover on a Design Hop:


  • Choose and investigate the social and organisational challenge that you want to work through
  • Understand the real user needs of the people affected


  • Be inspired by examples of free and simple digital solutions
  • Generate your own ideas
  • Explore how they fit in your wider services and lives of your users


  • Develop the quickest, easiest way to test your chosen idea with your users.

Next Steps

  • We'll set you up to continue your digital momentum inside your organisation, or with new peers and digital experts met through the course.

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