A screen grab from the video, showing the presenter and a slide titled 'An experimental mindset'

New website, CRM or online service? Will you build it the old way? Or will you experiment with prototypes? A 27 minute micro-teach video session for charities.

This video explains why prototyping is a gift to your organisation.

It also explains 

  • Why the old way of building things costs more and is riskier
  • What prototyping is and how it protects you from making bad investments and building things people don’t use
  • Prototyping as a way to print your mind, and as a helicopter above a sea of PowerPoint decks stuck in traffic (12.45...).

Play the video in full or scroll down for key moments.

1.33: Why knowing if ideas will work is difficult

2.48: Bad ways to develop your website (or any new process or service)

7.32: Why people develop websites etc in these ways, and the risks it brings!

10.47 Why design experiments (aka prototypes!) are a better way

14.30 How prototyping works

19.39 How prototyping creates value for your users more quickly

21.57 The gift of prototyping

23.48 Examples of prototypes

24.58 Is prototyping the right approach for you?


Created by Danny Hearn of DOT PROJECT for the Beyond programme.

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