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A 2.5hr watch and do training session covering GDPR principles, compliance and legal gateways, and tools and techniques for data management. Do it in your own time.

This video will teach you about GDPR and managing data. You’ll learn why a lot of it is common sense. By the end you’ll have a basic understanding of everything you need to understand and comply with GDPR in your organisation.

It’s led by Lucy Knight and Martin Howitt from The Data Place. It was originally delivered in March 2021 as part of the Beyond programme (now ended).

To take the full training you’ll need 3.5hrs as you will need breaks!

This includes 80 minutes’ view time, 1 x 30 minute and 2 x 20 minute exercises, plus 50 minutes of breaks. 

You could go as far as completing Exercise 1, have a break, then return to do the rest of the course.

Look at the slides from the live course for an overview. 

Use the links in the timestamps below to navigate around the video. 

00.00: Introduction

Agenda, objectives and introductions.

8.00: Introduction to data protection

History, benefits and getting started with data. Go straight here for a quick start.

12.32: GDPR principles

Learn the 7 principles.

21.03: Exercise 1 - Data in your organisation

Watch this section then pause the video and use this data canvas to map data in your organisation. 

>>Pause for 20 minutes to do map data.

When you’ve had a go at the canvas transfer its contents to this Data Catalogue template to give you an organised catalogue of data in your organisation. 

>>Pause for 10 minutes to transfer content from canvas to catalogue.

29.22: Legal gateways

Legal reasons for processing data, that you can cite to justify data you store.

46.44: Exercise 2: Legal gateways

Watch this section then pause the video. Use the record of processing spreadsheet and quick reference guide to identify a legal reason for storing some of the pieces of data you catalogued in Exercise 1.

>>Pause for 20 minutes to do Exercise 2.

55.36: Tools and techniques for data management

Six tools, including the record of processing activities already talked about earlier in the training. 

1.10.51: Exercise 3: building your data action plan

Help to plan what you will do next. Watch this section then pause the video and write down the start of your plan. 

>>Pause for 20 minutes to do Exercise 3.

1.18.10: Wrap up

Includes references.

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Thank you to Martin and Lucy for creating this training. They work for The Data Place, a social enterprise helping people, places and organisations with data. 

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