Transformation journey image - based on the Kubler-Ross change curve., showing perceived competence against time.

A 15 minute micro-teach session. How to approach the change that happens when your organisation starts using digital.

Developing a digital strategy brings change. 

Change to the roles people play.

Change to how your people and teams interact.

Changes to the work you do.

Changes to how you and your people work together.

As you think about and implement these changes your people will need some care and support. 

A lot of this support comes down to acknowledging feelings and bringing care to relationships.

A micro-teach session on digital change

This micro-teach session helps you think about the journey you are going to go on and how to help people walk happily beside you. 

It’s 15 minutes long.


Developed by Cat Ainsworth of DOT PROJECT for the Beyond programme in 2021.

Transformation journey image is based on the Kubler-Ross change curve.

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