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The top ten things inspiring the Catalyst Producers this month.

May has been a thought provoking month for the Catalyst team. A phrase which keeps cropping up when we interact with folk is ‘spiritually drained.’ It’s a difficult time for many people out there and we’re recognising that we all need to take care of ourselves, and each other. Spreading love and kindness has never been more important. 

This month we’ve been focussing on running a co-budgeting experiment with our Initiative leads and circles, continuing with our inclusion work, and gathering research to inform our review. Ellie has even been working from Spain! 

Here’s a list of our top ten sources of inspiration this month, including some weeknotes from our core team reflecting on what we’ve been working on:

  1. Ellie has written a update piece on our current collective governance experiments at Catalyst, including the outcomes of our recent retro session with the Initiative leads. 
  2. Siana has written a piece on why inclusion is not a project, it’s a lifelong commitment - including key takeaways from the inclusion themed network meetup (cover image).
  3. Jo has written a piece on why it’s important to set values to establish a positive culture, and how to embed them. (That's where our image on this article comes from!)
  4. Zoe Amar, Catalyst Initiative lead, has written a brave piece on her personal experiences as a woman of colour working in tech. Hard hitting and highly recommended.
  5. Matt Collins, Catalyst Initiative lead, has written a piece on how they co-created and embedded values at his agency, Platypus Digital.
  6. Siana shared this research on racism in tech from Colorintech - who conducted a recent report with these findings reported in The Metro.
  7. Ellie shared this political compass link which can be great for exploring your team's socio political leanings
  8. Ellie shared an interesting report from Pro Bono Economics on charities and the cost of living crisis.
  9. Siana shared a new podcast from New Constellations, an initiative we all love.
  10. Finally, on the wellbeing note, Cancer Research are promoting a 30 days of yoga campaign during June. Our Jo is participating. You can sign up here too.

If you have a resource of any kind that you think we should have on our radar, please share it with us! We would love for the wider community to influence our work and provide creative input. 

Drop us a line at Or tweet us @wethecatalysts.

Image credit Viktor Cessan.

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