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The top ten things inspiring the Catalyst Producers this month!

As the new Producers continue to get to know each other and ‘form’ the Catalyst core team, we’re continuing to share interesting resources that have inspired us across the month. From books, to podcasts, to poems, to documentaries and films - the influences have been rich, thought-provoking and enlightening! If you missed what was on our radar last month, you can check out January’s blog post, by my colleague and fellow Producer Jo Morfee right here!

So, without further ado, here’s this month’s list of our top ten sources of inspiration:

  1.  I wrote a blog reflecting on embedding reciprocity with funders off the back of a session I was part of recently - read more here
  2. My colleague Jo is a big fan of the Nonviolent Communication Movement and has been listening to NVC for Social Change - Session #8 - Nonviolent Communication Training - Marshall Rosenberg 
  3. My friend Natasha Adams shared learnings from work she did at the end of 2021 to map the UK climate (justice) movement, noting the mapping approach, findings and recommendations will have relevance for many other movements too - read more on her blog here
  4. Producer Ellie really appreciated the RSA's Living Change constellation of practices towards better futures for people and planet reflections
  5. Hanna Thomas Uose's 250 things to know at the start of a project was a hit in our team! I opened every recommendation tab (because I have a tab problem!) and am working my way through the list
  6. The work of bell hooks is key in our team’s world, so this conversation between hooks and Thich Nhat Hanh to ask ‘how do we build a community of love?’ was much appreciated - shout out to Koreo's newsletter!
  7. Feminist system change practice: integrating power and love by Tatiana Fraser of the Systems Sanctuary also provided lots of food for thought
  8. Jo is a fan of this Methods & Tools Toolbox curated by Hyper Island
  9. Check out reflections from our friend, Shanice, Community Manager at Agencies for Good, in her latest Community Manager Notes
  10.  And finally, having spent the day in Nottingham this week with the team at Collaborative Future, it feels right to make our final entry to this month’s list of reflections from Tessa, Founder of Collaborative Future, asking How do our past experiences affect how we make space for love in work — Collaborative Future

If you have a resource of any kind that you think we should have on our radar, please share it with us! We would love for the wider community to influence our work and provide creative input. 

Drop us a line at Or tweet us @wethecatalysts.

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