#9 - The most relevant and useful digital content and events produced by the Catalyst network and beyond.

1.The four myths of digital trusteeship

An article about digital and the board.

Useful for charities because: 

  • The buy-in of the board is a crucial thing for digital development
  • It gives a clearer understanding of what a digital trustee role is actually for

2. Sector connector Zoom call

A free call to help small charities understand digital services 

Useful for charities because:

  • It will go over the basics for those without much experience


3. Charity Comms resources list

 A mixture of digital and non-digital resources to help charities during lockdown. Newly updated.

 Useful for charities because 

  • It contains a lot of information about how to think about digital communications, fundraising and marketing


4. Charity eLearning Consortium

 A resource looking at how to use digital for learning and development

 Useful for charities because:

  • Online learning is an incredibly helpful tool for charities for many reasons. This helps charities work through what those reasons are.


5. Charity shops and digital

A resource to look at how charity shops can move into the digital age 

Useful for charities because:

  • Charity shops have traditionally made very little use of digital services. As time goes by, this will be an increasingly important resource.

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