#5 - The most relevant and useful digital content and events produced by the network and beyond.

1. Ten young people’s charities using digital in cool ways

Quick overview of how ten charities have taken their young people’s services online. 

Useful because: 

  • It’ll give you a glimpse of what’s possible. Could you copy that?
  • It includes links for more info on the services you are inspired by

Read the article.

2. How disabled people are problem solving during the pandemic

Online learning event on Monday, May 18th, 15.30 - 17.00 (free)

Useful because it:

  • Reminds us how, with access to the right digital tools our beneficiaries can self-organise and provide some of their own support (yep, Facebook counts as a digital tool).
  • Will inspire any of your disabled service users 

Read more.

3. An Accessible UX checklist for charities

By Charity Digital.

Useful because:

  • It’ll give you a basic understanding of what UX, or user experience, is
  • It’ll show you how to think about using UX principles to make your digital services and content more accessible to your users 

Read more.

4. The rise of ‘No Code’. The future of charity digital services? 

No code is already making it easier for charities to begin building digital services. We’ve got an article coming about this. In the meantime, this article is useful because: 

  • It explains what ‘No Code’ is (yeah, it’s probably what you think it is)
  • It shows, with examples, how services can be build without code

Read an intro to No Code.

5. DigiShift Zoom call: Service Design for Charities

Tuesday 26th May, 14.00-15.30 (free)

Useful because:

  • It’ll show you simple techniques and methods to design your services better for digital, while involving all your stakeholders
  • You can ask questions to some heavyweight experts from Scot Gov, Futuregov and Snook

More next week

We’ve managed to stick to five for the #thirdweekrunning. That means this week we owe you one more puppies.

Happy reading, listening and learning.

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