#2 - A quick take on the most useful content produced by the Catalyst network and beyond over the last seven days.

Last week I promised to stick to five pieces of useful advice. But there’s actually seven useful pieces below. So, just to square things up, look out for two more cute puppies further down.

1. 10 top tips for creating accessible online events

6 minute read. Published by Outside the Box

Useful because it:

  • Covers before, during and after events, with a good amount of depth
  • Contains links to a good article about the barriers to accessing online events

Read the article.

2. Better online meetings with Beth Kanter

3 minute read by SCVO, based on last week’s DigiShift call.

Useful because it:

  • Contains fresh and cool ideas for making online meetings more effective and less draining
  • Also covers managing remote teams, and maintaining connection and wellbeing while social distancing with loads of useful links. It’s like an omnibus…

Read it here, it’s easy to scan too.

3. Coronavirus Asylum Handbook

Published by Refugee Action, with contributions from 36 other organisations.

Useful because:

  • It contains frontline refugee and asylum organisations’ approaches to adapting their services in response to Coronavirus
  • It’s collaborative, in-depth but very easy to navigate

Read the Handbook here

4. How to find the right problem to solve

Slide deck and two 30 min videos from agency Kyan Campus

Useful because it:

  • Explains how to find the right problem to solve when developing a digital solution
  • Contains many wise and funny examples of what happens when we attempt to solve the wrong problems (Lego socks anyone?)

Slide deck. Video 1. Video 2.

5. Useful online meetups and DigiShift Zoom calls

Crisis Housing DigiShift Call

Friday 1st May, 11.30am-12.30pm

Explore digital service delivery in the crisis housing services sector. Open to housing associations, homelessness services, advice providers and others working in the field.

Sign up.

Young People’s Digital Participation Meetup

Friday 1st May, 10–12pm

Discuss what is working and not working in engaging young people online from seven speakers and other participants.

Sign up.

Digital Leadership DigiShift Call

Tuesday 5th May, 2–3.30pm.

Learn about switching your services to digital, working with your board, choosing digital channels and leading teams on their digital transformation journey with Zoe Amar and three charity CEOs.

Sign up.

More next week

We’ll try to stick to five. Not sure we should be promising anything though…

Happy reading, listening and learning :)

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