Take Five #14: this week's most useful digital content


Charity Learning Consortium guides

A series of “little books” on charity digital subjects has been produced by the Charity Learning Consortium.

Small charity webinars

A series of webinars, including one from CAST, have been put together by the Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales. Useful for charities tackling a broad range of problems.


Revive and thrive webinar

Another webinar on how digital can help charities survive, revive and thrive is being held today at 1pm by Baldwins Group.


Writing about digital exclusion 

Here’s an interesting and worrying piece about the impact of digital exclusion during lockdown. Useful for anyone working with those at risk of exclusion.


Digital accessibility report

Reason Digital have produced a new report on the accessibility of charity digital services. Useful for anyone thinking about how to make sure everyone can access their work.

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