#13 - The most relevant and useful digital content and events from the Catalyst network and beyond.

Can the Scottish Tech Army help you?

Charities in Scotland may be interested in this article about the Scottish Tech Army, which has so far supported 70 organisations to make better use of technology. Useful for any charities which may be able to access these services.

Championing diversity during COVID-19 

Here’s a fantastic interview with  Ndidi Okezie, CEO of UK Youth, about her charity’s #YoungandBlack campaign. Useful for anyone interested either in diversity or digital campaigning.


How to measure social value in Google Analytics 

Mostly we try to bring you new content which has just been published, but every so often we come across something from the archives which is so interesting we want to share it. This post on how to measure social value in Google Analytics is extremely useful for charities thinking about using digital to deliver value.


How much does it cost to build a website?

On the same site we found a few other great blogs, like this slightly more elderly one on how much websites cost. It’s useful for any charity which is thinking of building a new website and trying to allocate a budget. Just bear in mind that with inflation over the last few years, you’ll need to replace all the fives with sixes.


Media Trust summer school

Potentially of interest to our readers is the Media Trust digital summer school, a three week online programme, which could be useful for charities interested in boosting their digital communication skills. Mostly we flag free resources, but there is a fee for this one.

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