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#12 - The most relevant and useful digital content and events from the Catalyst network and beyond.

Digital trustee meetup

A digital trustees meetup will take place on 22 July. Useful for any charity that wants to increase digital capacity in its trustee body.

Digital in charity comms

Charities are changing how they communicate because of lockdown, with digital channels becoming more prevalent, according to this article on While it’s aimed primarily at the fundraising community, it’s useful for any charity thinking about digital as a tool to reach its core audiences.

How digital has affected charities during COVID-19

A series of blogs from the National Lottery looks at how digital has been used to cope with COVID-19.

Building charity capacity

A webinar from Lightful with Global Giving and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is available to view as a recording. The webinar is useful for charities interested in building their capacity during the lockdown period.

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Learn what other non-profits are doing

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What’s given us hope this year?

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