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Catalyst is a growing network, united by an ambition to strengthen the digital capabilities of the voluntary sector in the UK.

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Frequently asked questions


What are Catalyst services?

Services are designed to support charities. They could be training, like Design Hops. Or they might encourage peer learning opportunities, like Coffee Connections.

Do individuals or organisations contribute to services?

Both. Some services work better for individuals, like Digital Candle. Some initiatives suit teams with expert skills, like Digital Teams.

Is this paid work or volunteering?

It’s a mix. Digital Candle is volunteer-powered. Individuals and organisations joining Digital Teams get paid for their time.

What is the time commitment?

It varies. Being a Digital Candle volunteer requires an hour of time. Running a Design Hop might be a few days. Being part of a Digital Team might be 2 weeks or more.

Might Catalyst help me with a service I've started?

We’d love to. Just email the Catalyst team, outlining who the initiative is aimed at, what it does, and how it helps people.