Our five new recipes may be useful in helping you rethink your internal processes, as well as the services you deliver

Today we’ve published five new recipes on our service recipes for charities platform, taking us to a total of 18 recipes, contributed from 14 organisations.

We would like to thank Macmillan, Carefree, Barnardo’s and Alzheimer's Scotland for their contributions to the platform. Let’s dive into their recipes!

Building a self referral process for service users

Macmillan supports people who are affected by cancer, from the people diagnosed with cancer, to carers. They understand the many ways in which a cancer diagnosis can affect a person’s life. As part of their services, they run a Well-being Coaching service which offers free, remote coaching to people who want to work towards making a positive change in their life. In their recipe Macmillan have documented how they have created a self referral tool to reduce the time it takes to access the service. This helps clients connect with coaches sooner, while easing the amount of work staff needs to do to facilitate this connection. 

Bringing all incoming communications into one place

Carefree is seeking to mobilise the hospitality industry to gift its excess capacity so that the unpaid carers who form the invisible backbone of our Social Care system can take a break. 

They shared two recipes this week, the first one about bringing all incoming communications into one place. Previously dealing with many different email inboxes for different types of support requests and inbound enquiries from many different channels like Facebook and Twitter, in their recipe they share how they have switched to using Front to consolidate everything into one place and ensure that no piece of communication slips through the cracks. 

Centralising internal knowledge and documentation

Carefree’s second recipe is about how to manage internal knowledge and onboarding.

In their recipe they cover how, overwhelmed by the amount of documents stored in different places, Carefree have started to use Notion to centralise everything in one place and orient team workflow around it for improved project management and delivery against its roadmap.

Reducing social isolation and loneliness in young people

Barnardo’s are finding new ways to keep engaging with care-experienced young people (including care leavers) during the COVID-19 lockdown and beyond. The Wild Plym Project is a local outdoors adventure club which is run by and for care-experienced young people. Pre COVID-19, the group used to meet up before and after walks in local cafes. Social distancing restrictions have also meant a shift from mostly face-to-face activities to an entirely remote digital-based set up. This recipe looks at how Barnado’s have shifted their Wild Plym outdoor nature walks online.

Training and supporting staff to use a new tool

The last new recipe for this week is about training and supporting staff to use a new tool.

Alzheimer’s Scotland offers support to people suffering from dementia as well as their carers and families. Due to COVID-19, they have had to accelerate the shift of some of their face-to-face services to online digital delivery. Initially used as an online drop-in service, the charity decided to expand the use of the NHS Attend Anywhere platform, moving services such as 1-to-1 Support and Small Group sessions to remote online delivery. 

In their recipe, they describe how they took great care in developing a training rollout strategy for their staff, as well as ongoing support channels to ensure both a smooth switch and that their staff were well equipped to use the platform and are continually being supported.

Your recipes

We are always looking for new recipes and we need organisations like yours to share the digital solutions you have had success with or that you are trialling at the moment. With each recipe shared, the library will grow and it’ll become more useful for everyone, including yourself! Recipes don’t have to be perfect and polished to be shared, as we believe other organisations can still learn from your work-in-progress. 

You can express your interest in collaborating by completing the simple recipe contribution form, or by sending us an email at recipes@thecatalyst.org.uk.

Your feedback

Feedback is really important to us – we take our learning seriously as it’s how we improve and can make our platform more useful for you. We would really love to hear from other organisations (like yours!) if you have found the service recipes platform useful or if you have any ideas on how to make it better or more useful to charities. Please let us know through our feedback form.

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