Our weekly service recipe looks at how Knaresborough Connectors are bringing self-isolating residents together with other residents to get the right support.

Two weeks after launching the service recipes for charities platform, which collects practical examples to help charities reuse and learn from one another’s digital services, we now have nine live recipes. 

Thanks to Citizens Advice Manchester, Scope, Samaritans, We Are With You, Young Somerset and Being Woman for their contribution so far. 

With the help of the Insight Team at Catalyst, we are monitoring the emerging needs of charities and are doing our best to find insightful recipes that focus specifically on the use of social media as part of service delivery and services targeting emerging medical needs. By sharing your recipes with us, you will both help other charities to learn from the good work your organisation is doing, and have a chance to document your services and processes publicly for others to see. You can share your interest in collaborating by filling in this form or sending us an email at recipes@thecatalyst.org.uk.

We are working hard to publish new recipes every week as we want to help charities during this emergency to implement change quickly and efficiently.  Today we are publishing one new recipe, that is very relevant right now and it is about community-led support.

During the COVID-19 restrictions, Knaresborough Connectors are connecting residents who are self-isolating with other residents who are available to support them. Using various Google tools like sheets and maps, in their recipe they describe how they aim to connect people based not only on location and needs, but on shared interests too, to help reduce loneliness in isolation and maintain a sense of community. 

What do you think of this recipe? Your feedback is really important to us and we take our learning seriously - it’s how we improve! We’d love to hear whether the service recipes platform has helped your organisation in any way and if you’ve gotten anything out of it. If you also have any ideas about how to make it better or more useful, please let us know here.

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