The latest weekly update from our service recipes team. Including information from trauma relief charity Chayn and details on recent changes we’ve made to the service recipes platform.

It is almost a month to the day since we made service recipes for charities publicly available and since then, we have published a total of 13 recipes, contributed from 11 organisations.

This week we have a new recipe from our latest contributor, Chayn – a volunteer run project that provides resources for survivors of abuse in multiple countries around the world.

The recipe focuses on delivering trauma support safely. To provide support during lock down, Chayn started a trauma resilience course, which they run over the messaging app Telegram. They faced the challenges of recreating a group support dynamic remotely, and providing it a way that was safe for people who may be at home with an abuser. Many thanks to Chayn.

Recent platform updates

The more keen-eyed amongst you may notice that we’ve made a few updates and changes to the platform since our last update. Most of these changes have been based on the welcome feedback we’ve been hearing from you. The most notable changes we’ve made are:

Adding the three latest recipes to the home page

We want to make it easy for new visitors to the platform to quickly dip into the latest published recipes and also to give those organisations and their recipes a bit more visibility.

Adding tags to recipes

Recipes are only useful if they can be found in meaningful ways. The tags you can see are a first step in that direction for our users. Each recipe is categorised based on how it serves both beneficiaries and charities. Over time we want to start offering these categories or ‘service patterns’ (more on this soon) as a way to find recipes that are most useful and relevant for you. This is an iteration in the direction of that work. Perhaps not yet immediately useful, but it will be in time. If you want to know more about the thinking behind this, we wrote about service patterns and life events some weeks ago.

Adding small thumbnail to the recipes list

We’ve added small images to recipes in the index list to aid understanding and navigation by giving a visual anchor. Currently these are only displayed on larger displays.

Adding a selection of organisations logos to the home page

We have some fantastic organisations contributing to the platform, but as we’ve gone along it’s become apparent that this is not always obvious to new visitors. To address this, we wanted to make it clearer and have now added a selection of these familiar and recognisable organisations’ logos to the home page. This should help give better visibility to those organisations and help make it clearer our recipes are trustworthy, reputable and endorsed by our contributors.

Adding the contributing organisation’s logo to a recipe

Where we have them, we are now also showing the contributing charity’s branding at the top right of the recipe page to give a better sense of ownership and better visibility to our contributors.

What's next?

We have lots of plans and ideas in our roadmap, but in the more immediate term, we’re hoping to iterate further. Soon we plan to show the categorisation of a recipe on the recipe page itself. We’re also looking into organisation pages that can show all of a given organisation’s recipes.

As the designer/developer of the service recipes platform, I’m also planning to publish a write-up soon giving a bit more detail on how we have approached making the platform. If you're interested to know more, give me a nudge on Twitter.

Your recipes

We are always looking for new recipes and we need organisations like yours to share the digital solutions you have had success with or that you are trialling at the moment. With each recipe shared, the library will grow and it’ll become more useful for everyone, including yourself. Recipes don’t have to be perfect and polished to be shared, as we believe other organisations can still learn from your work-in-progress. 

You can express your interest in collaborating by completing the simple recipe contribution form, or by sending us an email at

Your feedback

Feedback is really important to us – we take our learning seriously as it’s how we improve and can make our platform more useful for you. We would really love to hear from other organisations (like yours!) if you have found the service recipes platform useful or if you have any ideas on how to make it better or more useful to charities. Please let us know through our feedback form.

Many thanks,
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