Open Projects

Catalyst Open Projects is the space where digital agencies and experts can find and apply for tendered briefs helping civil society tackle urgent challenges.

Updates to this page

5 Jan

  • The list of charities taking part in the Definition programme have been added to this slide-deck.

Past updates▼

9 Dec

  • 5 new Shared Service Elements briefs have been published.
  • 1 new Definition brief has been published. We are looking to contract 7 agencies for this brief.
  • You can now filter briefs by programme and by the type of support needed. If you have any other suggestions for how to improve this page, please let us know!

8 Dec

  • The budget for Development briefs has changed from an upper limit of £30k to an average of £30k. Your proposed budget may be higher or lower than this depending on the complexity of the brief and the amount of time you propose to commit to the programme.

3 Dec

  • 18 new Development briefs have been published

2 Dec

  • Several Sector Challenge briefs (numbers: 6, 8, 10, 11, 12) have been removed due to there not being enough eligible applications from civil society organisations.
  • The budget for the remaining Sector Challenge briefs has been increased to ~£50k (ex. VAT), and their deadline has been extended to 11 December
  • The budget for Development brief 19 has increased from £28k to £30k (inc. VAT)

How Open Projects work ▼

  1. Briefs are published on below. Each card shows a summary and full details including reporting requirements and assessment criteria are included in the linked document.
  2. You browse the briefs and can ask any questions by emailing the respective point person for each brief who will then add answers in the 'Bidders Questions' (or equivalent Q&A Google Doc) section of the brief.
  3. If you have a question about a specific programme, please check the slide decks linked in the text about each programme below before emailing us.
  4. Click the apply button on a brief to apply. Before you start completing the application form, you will be asked to complete an eligibility quiz. You will not be asked to submit a pitch deck.
  5. Our assessment team will select the best placed team for the work and notify both successful and unsuccessful applicants.
  6. Contracts are signed and the work begins! Our team will be on hand to support you throughout the work.

Who can apply ▼

We are looking for digital agencies, charities, PLCs and other organisations that have relevant skills and experience to support the delivery of programmes as outlined in respective briefs.

To be eligible to apply for these briefs, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be aligned with the values in the Catalyst Charter
  • Be incorporated in the UK (e.g. a registered entity with Companies House or charity with the Charity Commission)
  • Be insured (£250k prof. indemnity, £5M public liability, £10M employers liability)
  • Have the capacity/availability to engage 
  • Provide up to date accounts and be financially viable long term 
  • Provide privacy, safeguarding, equality, diversity and inclusion and GDPR policies

Please refer to the Catalyst Handbook for eligibility and assessment general guidance, as well as templates for Safeguarding and Equality Diversity & Inclusion policies.

Many of the charities we work with support people and communities that suffer from structural inequality and systemic discrimination. Addressing these challenges requires a solid understanding of deep-rooted issues, so we are particularly keen to hear from teams who can bring their own lived-experiences to bear alongside their technical expertise,  and/or who have previously worked with a civil society or public sector organisation.

We strongly encourage applications from individuals and teams of all different backgrounds and identities to apply for our briefs.

Please note: You are welcome to bid for multiple briefs across different programmes. If you can only deliver a certain number of those due to your capacity, please state this in the declaration form at the end of the application (this won't affect how we score your application).