#4 - The most relevant and useful digital content and events produced by our network and beyond. Featuring blogs, videos and online events.

1. Digital Safeguarding Resource Pack

40 page guide published by Against Violence and Abuse.

Useful because it:

  • Describes online safeguarding principles and implementation steps better than anything we’ve seen so far
  • Lots of situation specific advice relevant to different types of online service delivery

Get the pack.

2. What is essential? - TNL’s Digital Fund May Learning Event

Monday, May 18th, 15.30 - 17.00 (free)

Useful because it:

  • Will stimulate your reflections on what has become essential for your charity since the pandemic started 
  • Will help you think about what you don’t want to continue with as your charity moves into the pandemic’s next phases 

Sign up here.

3. Replacing live events and face to face contact in the COVID pandemic

Article by Outlandish, about a new platform they built for the European Union Youth Orchestra.

Useful because:

  • Shows how easy and quick it can be to build an integrated online community platform using common web tools
  • Includes clear descriptions of the end result with screenshots showing online events, downloadable resources and discussion forums 

See how they did it.

4. Miro - realtime whiteboard for remote collaboration

Introduction to an online collaboration tool many charities are beginning to use across their remote teams. 

Miro is useful for charities because it: 

  • Acts like an office whiteboard with extra features, while also being faster, neater and more flexible
  • Has a free package but also offers charity discounts on paid packages

Watch 40 second intro.

5. DigiShift Zoom call: Digital Content and User Needs

Thursday 14th May, 14.00-15.30 (free)

Useful because:

  • It’ll give you real examples of how using the right words and content can make your digital services work better
  • It’ll give you some hands on techniques you can go away and try

Find out more.

More next week

We’ve managed to stick to five for the second week running. But as we've only shown you three puppies so far that means we owe you two more.

Happy reading, listening and learning.

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