#7 - The most relevant and useful digital content and events produced by the Catalyst network and beyond. 

1. Contact tracing: How do you design an app millions of people will trust?

Article about the principles of designing a contact tracing app

Useful for charities because: 

  • It shows how to frame a tough design challenge, using a very relatable example we have all heard of
  • It introduces the concepts of privacy and inclusivity in an easy to understand way

Read article.

2. #DigiShift Zoom Call: Data Driven Charities

SCVO online learning event on Tuesday June 9th 2pm

Useful because it:

  • It will show you how to use data to make better decisions
  • It is interactive - so you can ask questions to the topic experts from Blackbaud and Datakind

3. Cyber Security – a how to guide


Useful because:

  • It’ll help you feel more confident in finding the balance between supporting your staff and volunteers to access your systems, and securing them against cyber attack.
  • It shows how cyber security is not just an IT issue

Read more.

4. How charities are reaching out to tech-averse service users

By Charity Digital

Useful because:

  • It’ll help you think about how to reach any of your users who don’t have tech or are tech-averse
  • It includes some good examples to stimulate your thinking

Read article.

5. What is Service Design and what does it mean for charities?

From Lightful’s archive. 

Useful because:

  • It gives a quite interesting, granular insight into what service design through the eyes of the Service Design Lead at Cancer Research UK 
  • It covers principles, differences to other methods and links to other useful resources

Read article.

More next week

We’ve managed to stick to five for the fifth week running. That means we owe you one more puppy.

Photo by Berkay Gumustekin on Unsplash

Happy reading, listening and learning.

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