Catalyst is on a mission to help 40,000 charities in the UK to use digital more effectively.

Why do we think that this is important?

  1. Digital technology gives organisation super powers to deliver more impact.
  2. The UK charity sector is a national treasure. It’s a fabulous network of organisations motivated to make the world a better place.

If better digital could increase the effectiveness of the charity sector by just 1%, that would have a HUGE impact.

But we know there isn’t a magic wand. It’s not as simple as saying ‘use digital more effectively’.

With that in mind,

Catalyst does a few things


We chat to lots of charities. This helps us understand what are the blockers stopping charities from using digital more effectively.

For example:


We create prototypes (or skateboards, as we like to call them). This lets us trial new services, and scale the ones that seem to be working.

For example:

  • Dovetail - creating better fit between charities and agencies
  • Service Recipes - guides to help charities reuse and learn from one another’s services.

Empower the network

If we see initiatives in the community that are getting traction, Catalyst can support with skills and funding.

For example:


Right now, our major focus is helping charities respond to the challenges of COVID-19. Our Digital Teams programme provides expert teams to clusters of charities that need to redesign services. Digital Candle and Weekly Zoom Calls are free services for all charities needing guidance.

How Catalyst is structured

Catalyst is a charitable initiative. Our mission is to increase the resilience and responsiveness of UK civil society, through digital, design and data. We’re an alliance of over 100 civil society organisations, funders, and digital agencies.

To ensure public benefit and good governance, Catalyst is incubated by CAST, a registered charity.