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Catalyst Charter

Our principles

We are user-led

We will enable impactful and responsible outcomes

We are ethical

We will commit to a responsible approach to technology

We build on what exists

We will begin by seeing what’s out there first

We are inclusive

We will consider everyone who is impacted

We work together

We will commit to an open and inclusive exchange

We share openly

We will share our data, insights, and learnings

We hold ourselves to account

We will collectively uphold principles

We are kind

We will be open, fair and honest in every interaction

Who are the Catalyst collaborators?

They are a mix of: 

  • funders
  • government agencies
  • digital, data and design teams
  • support organisations
  • charities

We are united by an ambition to strengthen the digital capabilities of the voluntary sector in the UK. We are always keen to talk to new collaborators.

What does being a Collaborator mean?

Collaborators are committed to:

  • Upholding the principles above
  • Contributing to the collective effort through particular Catalyst services
  • Sharing learnings on those initiatives

Contributions are varied but include: collecting data on the needs of civil society; contributing resources (time, expertise or funding), and creating or building on solutions that respond to the needs of the sector.