Take Five #10: this week's most useful digital content

Published on
June 24, 2020
David Ainsworth
The most relevant and useful digital content and events produced by the Catalyst network and beyond.

Welcome to this week's guide to the most useful things we've found this week. Our only problem is that we're running low on pictures of puppies to bring you, so here are some kittens instead. To be honest, we should have started with kittens. After all, they're cats, and this is a list, and we're Catalyst.

Get it? Cats? a list? Catalyst?

Anyway, never mind, here are some useful resources.

Digital Q&A

An event focused on answering charities’ questions about digital. Useful for charities because it brings together a variety of experts to answer the most pressing questions.


Digital culture ebook 

A book about how to create a digital culture at your charity. Useful for charities because it’s essential to have the right culture to make the most of digital.


Digital trustee recruitment 

Resources are available at Trustees UnLtd and Reach Volunteering to help charities find digital trustees and other volunteers. Useful for charities because digital starts at the top, and this is expertise you need on your board.


How to guides

Our partners at SCVO have started a series of how-to guides. Useful for charities because they’re a handy set of guides to help you get to grips with some of the basics of digital.


Digital momentum webinar

A webinar on how Christian safeguarding charity Thirtyone:eight built digital momentum during lockdown. Useful for any charity that wants to get up a head of steam behind its digital work.

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